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The whole of this series has been great in black and white Sidney...very strong.


Such a powerful portrait. You can tell how stunning she must've been when she was younger.

La Chouette

un magnifique portrait


It reminds me of my lola. You can see the pain, laughter and sadness in her eyes.

luna miranda

Impressive shot! Reminds me of my 96-year old grandmother. It's good to know that there are kind-hearted people who are taking care of them.


Un portrait comme je les aime.
Vrai, authentique, marqué par une vie sûrement dure mais où l'on voit toujours dans les yeux ce désir de ne pas renoncer.


What a stunning portrait! Great tones. Each line must tell a story.

One of your best!


Les rides de cette dame deviennent belles avec ta photo !


She has good-looking wrinkles. She really has lived. :) Wala pala financial assistance Home for the Aged. How about these elders' relatives?


This girl look like she's seen a lot.

Ashish Sidapara

Powerful portrait!

Susan Rose

What a beautiful old woman. You've captured her very well.


there's something about people with white hair and wrinkly skin that i love... this pic reminds me of van gogh's paintings. i kinda like the expression on this woman's face. you captured so much in this pic! :)


chaque ride raconte son histoire, chaque ride parle de ses souvenirs..après tout de vieillir n'est pas trop mal :-) Superbe photo!!


Now I remember my charyt ward patients... haaayyy

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

A moving picture. Thanks for sharing some background about this institution.


Extraordinary picture. Both the capture and treatment seem magnificent. In my view, a magnificent picture. Congratulations.

haggis basher

A very worthwhile charity and an excellent portrait.

A very worthwhile charity and an excellent portrait.


Nice portrait!

It's always good to help charity organisations. I'm impressed with those who put their hearts and souls into helping the less privileged.



What a beautiful Lady of Charity and as always you've capture the person so well.

Btw: I was in Brussels last week you know :-)


That's sad for the lola's. It's incredible how many bad situations there are in the world.


Tu as réussi un très beau portrait de cette dame, Sidney !
Drainer les fonds publics ou privés est toujours difficile. Les besoins sont énormes...
Gros bisous :0010:


sad when one cannot raise funds ... Very strong portrait!

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